Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today's triumphs

I did just as I said I would: I walked around a very large park today. It only took about 6 minutes at a pretty brisk pace, but it felt good. I had planned to take the doggie for a walk when we got home, but since I was up so late last night posting, I was too darn tired!

Okay, before I get rambling again, I'll say "good night!"

Hopefully I'll get those pics posted tomorrow. The Princess will be babysitting in the a.m., but she'll be home in the afternoon, so we'll see how it goes. Maybe my dark circles won't be so dark if I can get a good night's sleep!


Christine said...

I bet the walk made you feel great! Good for you! That's a great accomplishment - maybe next time you'll do it twice. ;))

Sniz said...

I got on the treadmill for 30 minutes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I love the feeling it gives me, so why do I choose not to do it most of the time? I just couldn't make myself do it Thursday and Friday. Why do we avoid work even when the results are positive?

ClaireBoe said...

Christine: It did feel great. I ate right afterwards, so I burned more calories while eating. Yay! I would have done it twice, but I was there for a meeting, and it was about to start.

Sniz: I don't know why we resist work. There really is no downside, and yet...

Maybe we need to talk to someone who never worked out, and then started to and wouldn't miss a work out now. They may remember what it was like to not want to.