Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy day!

Got up this morning to a phone call from a company I do work for occasionally (infrequently is more like it these days). The job I had for this morning changed to Friday morning. Okay, good.

Then I got rolling, the Prince arose from his slumber, and I spent too much time on the computer looking at blogs. :-) The Princess I let sleep in. She's been under the weather with a sore throat and headache for a few days.

I had an 11:00 job, which took all of five minutes. Came back home and tried to get stuff done here. I actually washed a window *gasp*. I feel like the house is shaping up a bit (and staying shaped up), for the first time. My dining room table is somewhat cleaned off, as is the bar in between the kitchen and the dining room. And the kitchen counters are wiped off more regularly, and don't have as much stuff on them, probably because I'm cooking more than I ever have. All this can be attributed to the fact that I'm about 95% a stay-at-home mom now. My work (that used to take up about 25 hours a week) has slowed to less than a crawl, which is why the Gearhead is working so much.

I decided I'd better make some food to have here for the kids, as well as for Gearhead. The man tends to eat me out of house and home during the winter. Don't know why. I made Easy Garlic Chicken. It is soooo yummy! The whole house smelled like garlic.

Then, I had a 3:30 job...that took a stinkin' two hours. I really wish I could put sound effects on this blog. That one would sound like the "Psycho" theme.

Meanwhile, Gearhead was here at home watching three darling little boys. My friend, Daja, and her sweet hubby, Gana, had an event to attend tonight, and asked if we could watch their three middle kids. Man, they are fun. When I got home, they had been here for about an hour-and-a-half. They had already eaten, and were having sword fights with The Prince and his friend (who I enlisted to come over and help entertain the little ones). The boys were so very good. I got some good snuggle time in with them while we watched "Spy Kids 2" and "The Incredibles."

When Daja and Gana got here to pick them up, Gearhead went out to talk to Gana (who was waiting in the car with the baby). He told me later that he told Gana how great his kids behaved, and how much fun he had with them. It was really great to come home and find him laying on the floor with them, and feeding them, and making them feel at home.

That was my day! I hope your's had as many blessings as mine did!


New Teaching Mom said...

Hi Claire! I like your blog! It is fun reading. I'm adding you to my favorites! Teresa

Pioneering in PA said...

Sounds like you did have a busy day. I wish I had the ambition to be busy. It must be the weather, lately I'm like a stampede of turtles through peanut butter.

Yeah, I'm getting that bad!

ClaireBoe said...

Believe me, it was forced work. It's very gloomy here, too. We actually had heavy hail last night! I'm going to post pictures later today.

Hey, I like that! "Stampede of turtles through peanut butter." :-)

**waving** Hi Teresa!!!

Sniz said...

Hey girl. Sorry about your job. It's an ongoing Saga, huh?

That garlic chicken sounds great.

Hey, there's an award for you over at my place. See you there!

flutter said...

oof, sorry about work....but look at all of those happy faces!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I don't even remember this post! What fun pictures!!!