Monday, January 21, 2008

I got in trouble for that last post...

The Gearhead was reading my blog last night, and gave me heck for not posting what kind of Harley he has. It's a 1950 Panhead. There, I said it.

Threw more stuff out today. Lots of stuff. Our trashcan lid is barely closing! Gearhead took a van-load full of clothes and other various and sundry...stuff to Goodwill. We keep the receipts and use them as charitable contribution write-offs. Gearhead doesn't like yard sales, so this is my alternative.

Texas update: The Gearhead's buddy that lives there is lining up some interview-type things while he's visiting. It will be interesting to see what comes of that. I still don't know how we'd manage his looking for a job while trying to sell our house here. I have to trust that God knows the details and will provide a buyer, even in this market, if He wants us to go.

I'm tired tonight. The Princess has a friend spend the night last night, and they stayed up late, then got up to watch "Titanic." Can't watch that movie without balling my eyes out. Just so ya know, I edited a few parts for the kids.

Okay, off to bed.


Pioneering in PA said...

Really, how dare you not tell us what kind of Harley that was! The nerve. Lol.

I love Titanic, I have it in my Netflix queue. Hubby hates it, but he will suffer through it with me. :D

ClaireBoe said...

I hate to say it, but there is a certain, um, snobbery in the Harley world. Hard to imagine! :-)

Your hubby is a saint! Gearhead watched it, but only because the computer is in the room with the t.v. He made plenty of joking comments during the entire thing (like when Leo first came on screen, he said, "Hello, fish food!" Kinda ruins it, ya know?! :-)

dlyn said...

Harley riders may be snobs, but they have a right to be - especially ones with 1950s era bikes. Very sweet.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Okay, Claire, now I'm in trouble. I was reading your post and hubby walks by and stops in his tracks. Well, someone is posting about her dh's toys!

Today he asked me why his 55 Chevy hadn't made it to my blog. I told him that it was a pending one, but I needed help with the info. So, now I have to get it done. :P

Great blog! MarilynM from The Swap