Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oops, skipped a day

I got so carried away visiting blogs of people who were leaving me comments, that I forgot to post yesterday!

I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to receive comments from everyone. I feel like I'm making all these new friends.

Okay, what's been up at our house? Well, I'm still battling the "raspin' gaggies and the clingin' heck tooheys." That's a quote from my dad. I don't think what I have is a cold, more like allergies. I'm tired of being tired.

I'd like to thank Stephanie for her encouraging comments the other day. She's on a weight loss journey, as well, and just had a milestone weigh-in! Congrats, girlfriend! I'm going to be visiting you to read those posts you mentioned in your comment. I do need the encouragement right now. Seems I'm not eating enough, though. Since my nose has been plugged, I can't taste anything, and I just forget to eat. I've noticed if I don't eat enough, weight loss comes to a complete halt, and sometimes I even gain a little! Doesn't seem fair.

Stephanie needs a tutorial on how to post a link, so here goes. When I did the link to your blog, above, I first typed your name, and left a few spaces after it. Then, I went to your blog and moved my cursor into the url box. Then I right clicked and clicked on "copy." Then, I went back to my blog, where I was doing this post. I highlighted your name, then hit the little button on the toolbar that is next to the "T" with the color chart. It kinda looks like little links overlapping a picture of the world. It asks for a url, so I right clicked and then clicked on "paste," then hit "okay." Voila, you have a link. I'm not very good at explaining things usually, so I hope you can figure it out from what I said!

I've laid down the law with my kids. I told them all activities are OFF until their rooms get cleaned. The Prince got a used mini-fridge for Christmas (GH got it for free from a friend), and it's been sitting in my family room since then! It's supposed to go in his room. For some reason, he just loves the idea of getting a drink out of his own fridge when his friends are over. He also wants to buy his own tv so he can play video games in his room. Since we don't watch tv, I'm fine with that, but he has to buy his own tv. We've been looking on Craig's List, and there are alot of full size tvs for sale for cheap! Since he's the money kid. he already has the funds. he just needs his mom to take him to see them.

The Gearhead will be heading to Texas soon, and my friend in Texas will be here during the exact same time! She'll be visiting a friend here who just had a baby, and the Gearhead will be scouting out the job situation and looking at houses. We still haven't decided what we're going to do, but we're just continuing to research. I think we're both tired of thinking about it.

It's late, I'm tired, so I'll check in later. Be blessed!


Pioneering in PA said...

Sounds like The Prince knows what he wants! Glad that he has his own funding to be able to move toward his goals. Now if only he would get that mini-fridge out of your living room!

Combining your hair post with this one, The Princess was beautiful with red hair (although I'm not sure what she looked like with the others). Would love to see other pics, especially of the Prince with his hair straightened!

ClaireBoe said...

PinP: The mini fridge is still in my family room! Tomorrow, I swear, we're moving it! I will get pics posted. I'm not good at it yet, so it takes me awhile to get the bravery to try it again. :-)