Friday, January 25, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

The Prince has a fever, The Princess has a sore throat, and I'm not handling it very well. I don't know why. I just want to run away. When I'm sick, I prefer to be left alone, so I don't coddle the kids a lot when they're sick. However, they want to be coddled, and I don't wanna.

I finally got some work. After a month of no work. On the day that my kids are sick. What are the chances? I felt horrible driving away this morning while The Prince was coughing up a lung. Fortunately, both the jobs I had were quick, so I wasn't away very long. And I made some moola - always a good thing.

Can you tell I'm stressed? Even my writing is weird.

I think I'm sick, too. Sick of thinking and talking about this possible Texas move. Sick of living here. And yet, God gave me some bright, shiny moments today and yesterday.

I was out at 5:30 p.m. yesterday to take The Prince to guitar. There was no traffic. It was rush hour in So Cal. The cars were going speed limit. I'm not complaining, but it was surreal.

We also had a field trip yesterday to a nearby university. The kids learned about rain forests, the animals that live there, the plants that grow there. It was neat. I am afraid, however, that going in and out of humid, warm buildings into the very cold outdoors probably pushed the kids over the edge, health-wise.

After the field trip, we hit a Wendy's with our friends. And what follows is a picture of one of the sweetest babies in the whole, wide world. The Prince has dubbed her "Our Little Ray of Sunshine." I call her "Sugar," 'cuz she's that sweet. She has three older siblings that adore her, in addition to her mommy and daddy. Those cheeks get smooched many, many times everyday.

I took an entire series of pictures of this little darling. One of the blessings of our homeschool group is that there are many young families, so I get my baby fix on a regular basis now. :-) You saw all those cute little boys the other day, right?

Thank you, Jesus, for "E."

I avoided traffic today, as well. I only cussed once when a guy in a truck sped up on me as I was trying to change lanes. I may eventually be able to put a fish on my car, at this rate!

Both my jobs went incredible smoothly, and the clients were all very kind, and nice to talk with. That is another blessing. I hate it when people are snotty or just plain boring. Additionally, I made double the money on one job because it entailed more work than they previously told me. So, yay me!

And, I got a close-up view of some snow today! The area I was working in is at a little higher elevation than we are here, and the snow was just a few miles away on the foothills - I took pictures with my camera phone, but you couldn't really see it very well. Then, as I was driving home on the freeway, a mini-van with snow piled on top was chugging down the freeway. Made me smile. See, I'm counting my blessings and feeling better already.

I'm off to cook a roast. I know, I know, it's almost 8 p.m. on a Friday. We have tons of leftovers from the past few days of cooking, but I got an awesome deal on a roast because it had to be sold by today. I just don't want to leave it uncooked, so I'm going to make Herb-Crust Chuck Roast. I let you know how it comes out.

This is turning into a long post.

I have to tell you something incredible. Ready? I GOT MY FIRST BLOG AWARD!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not thrilled or anything...OKAY, YES, I AM!!! It's a kindness award from my bloggie girlfriend, Sniz. Isn't she the bomb?! I have to put the little label on my blog, which I will do since she sent me instructions. However, after reviewing this post, she may take the award back. How kind could I be if I want to escape when my kids are sick instead of lovingly caring for them? *sigh* Maybe I'll wait on posting the label until she sees this post. :-)

Have a beautiful weekend!


Pioneering in PA said...

Only so much a momma can do, that doesn't make us not nice! Award away, you deserved it!

Sniz said...

You know what? I'm not very nurturing or sympathetic when my kids are sick either. Part of it because I remember how I milked being sick when I was young, plus the fact that they are so dramatic and exaggerate everything. I have a hard time believing they are REALLY sick most of the time.

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