Friday, January 18, 2008

Life is interesting

My friend, Terre, called me today. We are high school buddies, who re-connected in the past few years. It's been fun to get to know her again.

She had called a week or so ago, and I kept forgetting to call her. She tried me again today, just to say "Happy New Year." We got to talkin' and I mentioned the possible move to TX. She replied (as so many do) that she has a dear friend that moved out there about seven years ago, and they just love it. I told her that just about everyone I know knows someone who moved there from California!

She went on to say that this friend is a realtor! Well, since GH is going out there in a few weeks, I might just call her and see if she can show him some houses. My friend from TX will actually be here while GH is there, staying with her husband! How weird is that?

I put GH on the phone with Terre because she had interesting idea. Her friend enlists handymen to work on the homes she's trying to sell, or the homes that are sold and still need work to prepare them for the new homeowner. Seems I know a guy who's darn good at all things handy! So, I'm going to encourage GH to talk to Terre's friend, and just find out how much work she needs. GH's dream is to be self-employed, and that would certainly be way to do it. We'll just see.

It was just a regular day around here. The Princess FINALLY finished her room, so it's spiffy clean, including the closet. She had to call in "reinforcements," aka Grandma, to help her finish. My darling mother-in-law has a knack for organizing, so the kids will call her to help sometimes.

The Prince worked on school for awhile, then went to Missions Class at Daja's. They are learning about the 10/40 window (the part of the world where very few people know about Jesus), and are now focusing on the 30-Day Famine. They'll fast for 30 hours, but between now and then (at the end of February) they are raising money to feed the starving children of the world. Such a good exercise for our spoiled, American children.

Speaking of food, I spent a good long time making dinner, since The Princess had requested Chicken Chimichangas. They are soooo good. If you decide to make them and are using spicy salsa, don't add the chili powder. And, if you don't like Indian food, don't add the cumin and cinnamon. I have a salsa mix that is very spicy, so I just added a teaspoon of cumin, nothing else.

The Prince just got off the phone with his buddy in Texas. They played video games while talking. It was an interesting, and slightly disturbing conversation. I could hear both sides, because The Prince accidentally put the phone on speaker, then we couldn't figure out how to take it off.

Prince: Hey, what's up?
Friend: Nothin'.
Prince: What are you doing?
Friend: Playing my Wii.
Prince: Oh...*setting up video games*

It pretty much went back and forth like that until his friend's dad came on the phone to talk to me. The Prince loves to talk on the phone, but most boys his age couldn't care less. His friend will call and they talk for a few minutes, and his mom is always amazed he stays on the phone as long as he does. The Prince brings that out in people. :-)

Boring day here, I guess. Just the usual. I am making some headway on getting stuff out of the house. There is a huge pile of Goodwill stuff by the front door (our collection area), that GH needs to take in. It feels good to purge, even if we don't move.


Pioneering in PA said...

I need to purge. There's something about the feeling of orderliness you get when it's all out of the way!

Sniz said...

So they haven't done the 30 day fast yet? That's awesome about Texas and your hubby. Keep us updated!

ClaireBoe said...

Orderliness is not something I am familiar with, but I want to be. I've kinda decided "There ain't nothin' to it, but to do it." Gosh, I hope I said that right.

Sniz, they have about a month to raise the moolah for the fast, then they do the 30 hours together. Daja actually has a great post, and slide show about it. My kid is the one with the glasses. I think they must have been told to "be serious" 'cause he looks a little stressed.

I'll keep you updated on know I will. :-)