Thursday, January 17, 2008


The Princess decided, oh, a number of months back that her beautiful medium blonde hair was passe, and that she wanted to go a reddish blonde. Off to Target we went to find some hair color. See, I never dyed my hair until I was older, but I figure if this is the worst she wants to do, at least it's reversible.

So, we're looking at hair color. And she keeps gravitating towards the blonde ones! I keep saying, "I thought you wanted a reddish color!" And she says, "A lighter blonde is sounding good!" Well, a "lighter blonde" turned into nearly platinum blonde! I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me.

A very few months later, she was trying out for "A Christmas Carol" and wanted to look more serious (very prejudicial that she didn't think blonde hair was "serious"). We dyed it back to close to her natural color. But, just a few weeks later, she wanted to dye it red. Oh, my. The red was GORGEOUS! If you look at the pictures from her play that I posted awhile back, that's her with red hair.

And then, just a few weeks after her play, she decided to go brown. Well, it really looked black at first, and lightened up a little. THEN, she wanted to go back to red. Unfortunately, the red turned her hair dark auburn, since her hair was so dark. She was less than thrilled. So, now we're going to gradually lighten her hair to get it ready for red again! What's that you say? Has her hair fallen out from over-processing? Nope. Can't believe it, either.

At the same time she went brown, so did I. My "natural" color is a medium brown, so that's what I did. I can't afford expensive blonde weaves anymore, so brown it is...and I actually like it. It needs to be re-done because the blonde is starting to show through. I have to darken my eyebrows and wear make-up (well, I should wear make-up, but I don't always), otherwise I look really pasty pale, but other than that, it's nice!

The Prince also has hair changes. The Princess talked him into straightening his hair. He's kept it very short for years, but is wanting to grow it out a bit. We are finding out that his hair is very wavy and thick, so it's growing up and all over the place rather than out. :-) She used the straightener and made it all lie down nicely, and he looks soooo cute! Yep, I've got to get some pictures uploaded.

The only one who looks the same is the Gearhead. He's a handsome devil, so why mess with success?! :-)


Mayhem And Miracles said...

I just wanted to thank you for coming to visit my blog and especially for the incredibly kind comment. Also I was reading a few of your posts to get to know you and boy did one of them hit with me, as well. The one about having good girlfriends. I could have written that post! I am so glad you decided to drop me a note. And I have already prayed for you today concerning the relationship you mentioned. I see you have Sniz and Toni on your sidebar, too. Aren't they great? I feel like I know them in real life. Have a FABULOUS day!

flutter said...

I so miss being a redhead, it was such an attention grabber

ClaireBoe said...

Mayhem: Thank you for the prayers. And yes, I love Sniz and Toni. I'm bound and determined to meet some fellow bloggers someday.

Flutter: I was a redhead for a very short time. It did not suit me, unfortunately. :-) Go red, Flutter, go red.