Wednesday, February 25, 2009

40 Days of Lent

So, I'm talkin' to the kids last night about the fact that Lent is starting today. I explained what it is, and how church tradition is that you give up something sacrificially during this time to honor God and His sacrifice, and to prepare our hearts for the miracle of Easter.

The kids chose to give up something each of them dearly loves. I could not think of anything that would be appropriate to give up. I made the mistake of asking the kids if they could help me think of something...when I was sitting here on the computer. I am giving up blogs for the 40 days of Lent! They suggested I pick two to check regularly, but give up the rest.

I won't say which two blogs I'm going to keep up on, but they are fairly new to my repertoire because they are about eating vegetarian. Oh, I didn't mention I'm eating vegetarian? Yup.

I know I don't post often, but now I'm going to be thinking about it a lot...for 40 days, at least. :)

God bless you during this Lenten season. See you on Easter!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And another public service announcement...

The French have some cool words and phrases that we use in the English language; words like, deja vu, a la carte, and my daughter's favorite, ballet.

There are some French words that people just should not use if they don't know how to spell them or say them. Words like "voila." It comes from a French expression literally meaning “look there!” Of late, in the blogosphere, I have noticed a rash of "walah" and even worse "viola." *sigh*

Thank you, again, for listening.


I am in awe of my kids, again. Growing up, I just did not get along with my brother. I still consider our relationship...sensitive. So, when I see my kids trusting each other the way my son trusts his sister, it really warms my heart.

This is the second time he's let her cut his hair. This time, it was done under a little bit of duress; I said, "She cuts it, or I shave it all off!!!" It was getting a bit too messy for me.

I don't think I've ever seen a professional hair stylist at this angle while cutting hair. That would make me dizzy.

Or, get a crick in my neck.

The finished product. She straightened his hair after she cut it.

She told some friends, "My brother looks like a high school hottie!" How's that for a sister's compliment!?

There might have been once that I referenced my brother and "hot" in the same sentence, and I doubt it was about his attractiveness. It probably went more like, "He smells like hot poop."


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I just had a thought...

If my bank goes under, I will lose less than $200.00. There are advantages to being broke. :)