Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WOW, second post in the SAME DAY!!!

Here are some pics of The Prince, The Princess and Gearhead.

The older boy in the picture in the upper left is The Prince. I chose this picture because he is so sweet with younger kids, and this is one of his best buddies.

The pictures of the Princess are from last Friday, after the final show of "A Christmas Carol." The boy in the top hat played the young Scrooge, and they did a beautiful waltz together. In the picture above, with her daddy, she looks a little teary-eyed...and she certainly was.

But where are pictures of *me*? Hmmmm, that will take a little more bravery, and possibly a professional photo session, with hair, make-up and lighting.

I promise I'll get better with this picture thing. :-)

Second day IN A ROW!!!!!!!

I'm sure my extensive blog-reading audience is just THRILLED to see another post (or at least LadyT is thrilled) ! :-)

Had a little disaster yesterday. Everyone was out of the house all afternoon. I returned first and discovered glass all over one end of our front porch. It seems our doggie, Mel, perceived that the postman, who comes to our home six days a week to deliver mail, was going to break into our house and murder us all. He broke one pane of glass in the process. *sigh* How do I know that's how the glass broke? Well, he always goes a little crazy when the postman comes, but we're usually here, and I either put him outside, or tell him to stop, and he does. And...we got a letter from the post office today, that if we don't restrain our dog they'll require that we put our mailbox away from the house. Oh, goody. I'll be calling them in a little bit to try to smooth it over. Mel will now be mostly an outside dog, which makes the kids and I very sad. He's a member of the family, for Pete's sake.

We picked up new orthotics for The Prince today. He has very, very flat feet, and has had orthotics (which fit in his shoes) for awhile now. Insurance doesn't pay for corrective orthotics, only the ones that make your feet feel better. Isn't that dumb? It's a quality of life issue for The Prince, yet the insurance treats it like we're in it for the fun.

Let's see, we need a little uplifting talk, eh? Okay. On the weight loss front, which I meant to blog about from the beginning, but haven't:

I joined a weight loss program in April of this year after a good friend was succeeding on the same program. At that time, I had about 70 lbs. to lose. Long story short, I lost 35 lbs. from April to August, or so. Great, right? Well, yes, but I'm a bit stagnated right now, and have been. I'm good at encouraging others, but I haven't had the oomph to get myself up and going again. The good news is, I haven't gained but one pound. The program I was doing (not WW) really taught me how to eat better, and I have internalized it to the point that I think all the time, "Oh, I need to eat another fruit today," or, "Done with the starch for today."

I know the holiday season is really not the best time to start again, and on a lot of blogs I read, people are taking a few weeks off of weight loss during this time. There' s one thing I've realized; weight loss is not about being "on program." It's about making changes 24/7, 365. Yep, that's right, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, all of it. I used to look at weight loss as punishment for all the wrong I'd done to my body. Now, I look at it as finally taking care of the temple that God gave me, and undoing some of the damage I did to it. Not punishment but repentance. Ah, it feels like freedom.

I think part of my struggles lately are linked to the potential move to Texas. So much to consider, so many choices to make, even if we stay here. It is darn near a miracle that I haven't gained all the weight back in the past month, since food has traditionally been my drug of choice during stressful times. I keep telling GH, "I just want us to make a decision, either way, and then move on!!!!" He gets it, but ultimately it's his final decision, and I just have to be patient. HA!!!! :-) That's what I get for praying for patience...

Oh, I had my first, first-hand encounter with a high-speed chase yesterday! I was standing on the sidewalk talking to a friend, when I saw four helicopters coming our way, and then so many lights from the police cars that I knew something major was going on. I got inside and waited for them to pass. It's a narrow street (not our street, but one lined with small businesses and only two lanes going one way), so I would have been very close to the guy who was fleeing. He crashed a few miles up the road, thus ending a chase that lasted about two hours. I didn't like the feeling of being that close to that much drama.

This morning when I was checking the Pioneer Woman's blog, she had a link to another blog, asking for prayer. Here's the link to Bossy's blog.

Be blessed today. Amidst all the chaos that is the commercialized Christmas, try not to forget that love came down to save us all, and that's what we should be celebrating.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm visiting blogs, drinking coffee, basically escaping from reality. One kid is at one grandma's, the other is at the other (that's probably a grammatical disaster - sorry).

Had a great day with GH yesterday. We went for a "cruise" in an old car (his favorite past time), ate lunch out, then took in a movie. We saw "I Am Legend," with Will Smith. My folks and brother had seen it a few days ago, and raved about it. I found it boring for long stretches, but it was very thought-provoking. GH, who is not into movies AT ALL, felt it was a colossal waste of time.

Guess I'd better go find my children and get 'em schooling. If I ever figure out how to post pictures, I'll get some put up from The Princess's show last week. It was really wonderful. She's had PPD (Post Production Depression) a bit since concluding the show, but a movie, lunch and shopping with Grandma makes lots of things better. :-)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

No grand announcements here

We're still discussing (ad nauseum) the move to Texas. There are so many things to consider, not the least of which is our parents. My mom is basically distraught. GH's mom is kinda quiet about it...to us. The Princess was over at her great-aunt's house (who is mother-in-law's sister) a few days ago. Auntie told the Princess that g-ma said, "If Gearhead (she said his real name FYI) goes, I go." We shall see. That certainly would make things easier, to have some family there. The friends we have there are definitely on par with family, but you know what I mean.

I've been checking on some message boards where you can ask advice from people who live in the areas you want to live in. The one thing that stands out about Texas versus California is the weather. We know it's hot and humid in the summer, but we figure that's what air conditioning is for. And they do have snow maybe two days a year, which would actually be kinda fun!


On to more interesting things: The Princess will be performing in "A Christmas Carol" for seven shows this coming week, with rehearsals on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thankfully, one of the women from the show lives near us, and will pick up and drop off The Princess for me, thus saving hours of driving and a lot of gas!

What else? *tapping finger on edge of desk* Oh, I had a lovely time today with some friends from our homeschool group. It was "Mom's Night Out," which was actually, Mom's Entire Day Out. We made tea sandwiches and desserts and had hot tea (several varieties), and here's the best part...we watched the 6 hour miniseries of "Pride & Prejudice!" Oh, my, it was so much better than the movie version - and oh, so romantic.


On the homeschooling front: The Princess hasn't been accomplishing much, school-wise, for the past few days. However, after more than a year of her yearning for babysitting to earn money, she has hit pay-dirt! A lovely couple with three little boys has her come to their home each Friday morning to watch their littlest one, along with several other young kids, while their mothers do a "Dream Dinners" type thing. They cook, then split the food up between the families. They have been paying her really well, and now one of the other moms asked her to come over this morning, AND her friend asked her to help with a babysitting job last night! She made $65 in two days! And she' s 13!!! I babysat my heart out at her age and older, and I don't think I ever made that much. She loves to buy everyone Christmas gifts, so she's a happy girl.

The Prince sold Christmas wreaths with a company called "Wreaths of Maine" and made about $41.00, the check for which should be arriving the end of the week. He also works for our very nice neighbors, when they need help with yard work.

Both kids have learned a lot through doing jobs for money. They both give 10% to church. I have to work with the girl on saving, since she spends every dime in no time. She's her mother's daughter, I'm afraid. The Prince is quite frugal (though he loves to treat me to a coffee at Starbucks), and has a little savings.

The Prince is taking a reading class with a local homeschool - um - school. It's a school for homeschoolers; you can take your kids two days a week for a variety of classes, or just pick and choose. Anyway, he has a lot of homework, which we've been working at each day, and he's been reading to me everyday. I can already see an improvement, and he's only had two classes. He's somewhat resistant to going to the class, but he's had a good attitude doing the work.

Okay, long post here. I want to post about my weight loss, and about other stuff, but I'm about to fall asleep, so I'd better sign off.

May God richly bless you.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Big changes afoot - maybe

Okay, so ya know how The Prince and I visited Texas this summer? Well, this is the second time we've visited there in recent years, and we always leave very sad. Not only because we love our TX friends, but because we really love TX.

Property values here in So Cal are dropping, and may drop a lot more in the next year. Combine that with the fact that our lifestyle here is rapidly going down the tubes, and you have a family ripe for change.

We are seriously looking into moving to TX, and putting our house on the market very soon. GH actually spoke with a realtor this morning! House sales are way down in our area (though we live in a very desirable city) , so if this is meant to be, God will be providing the right buyer. We have not listed the house yet, nor are we decided. We are however, talking about it constantly.

The biggest drawback is leaving my parents. There is a possibility that my in-laws would follow us...but not my folks. My mom is kinda freaking out about us leaving, and it's freaking me out. I have told GH that if we move to TX, we will be keeping a fund just for traveling, and get a frequent flyer credit card. He agrees with me, so I anticipate that we would become big travelers.

That's the latest. Hopefully I'll update sooner rather than later.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My first tag...a little late, I'm afraid

Elisa at My Journey Begins Now tagged me! This is my first tag, so I'll try not to mess it up.

Devise a list of 5-10 courses you would take to fix your life. It’s more fun to be in classes with friends, so include one class from the person who tagged you that you’d also like to take. Tag five.

This is the class we'll take together from your list, since this is how we met...when I asked for advice on internet marketing!

Internet Marketing for Dummies - after completing this class I won't have to muddle through all the annoying forums and sales pages; I'll be techno savvy and in tune with the IM world and raking in enough money to allow dear husband to decide what he wants to do with his life.

Dave Ramsey's Class - This is a real class, but it's one we really, really need, and should have taken a long time ago. 'Nuff said.

Lose 40 Pounds OVERNIGHT!!! - Weight loss is such a long, difficult journey. In this course, we'll learn how to lose it and keep it off...in one day (without surgery to remove a limb)! (Hey, this is my world, and in my world you'd be able to lose 40 lbs overnight, so there.)

How to Plans Meals and Cook for a *very picky* Family of Four, and Love It - I just don't have the cooking gene, though I have to say, in recent months with working less, it's a lot easier to cook. Now, it's become a necessity to prepare all meals at home, so I really must get this all figured out.

What to Say - This course equips the student to give the proper (and witty) response to any comment or in any situation. You will no longer say to yourself (after the fact) "I should have said..." or "I should not have said..." You will always be able to say "Awww, I'm so glad I said that."

I'm afraid I don't know how to tag others, so I'll just say, that's it. Thank for reading! :-)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Updates and stuff

Again, nearly a month gone by without a post. *sigh* Updates, updates....

The Princess was allowed to audition for the musical "A Christmas Carol," and made it! GH figured the commitment time was shorter than with her other theater group, so he allowed it! We're pretty excited. Rehearsals are Sundays from 1-5, so it doesn't interfere with any other activities...until Production Week. Then, we're traveling 40 or so miles, in traffic to rehearsal at 4, then picking her up at 10 p.m., Sunday through Tuesday! Then, on Wed., Thurs., and Friday mornings, we have to be at the theater at about 8:15 a.m.

Can I just be honest? I love it! I think I'm a stage mother, without the whiny, "my-child-has-to-have-a-lead-role" attitude. The Princess gets to do the stuff that I really wanted to do at her age (but was not motivated enough). God has essentially given me a second chance, and I'm so glad.

Both kids got to perform at a Senior Center recently. The Prince, playing the keyboard, accompanied his sister as she sang "In Christ Alone." There were audible approving murmurs from the folks in the audience. It really warmed my heart. The Princess also performed the song from "White Christmas" called "Sisters" with an 8 year old friend. They had done the same song for our homeschool graduation in June. Seeing as the average age of their audience was, oh, about 75 years old, and they therefore were very familiar with Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby and the like, their performance was well-received! The kids really enjoyed performing for the folks, and I made sure that they socialized with the folks a little, too.

I was always afraid of old people when I was a kid; my only exposure was at a rest home, where most of the residents were in really bad shape. I had this perception that all old people smelled bad and drooled. Sad, but true. I'm so glad my kids have energetic grandparents who live nearby so that they can have regular interaction.

My work has finally dried up, almost completely. I'm alternating between panic and peace. Weird, I know.

Here's the deal: For YEARS, I have felt the Holy Spirit's urging to stop working. I've even prayed to be "able" to stop working, meaning that I wanted GH to make enough money to sustain us. Well, I ignored the Lord's leading, time and again, always wanting to "save" us financially. And here I am, with a teenager and a pre-teen who become more expensive by the day, and not enough to make ends meet. And God said, "Guess what? You're not working anymore!"

I have to trust that He'll work it out...He always has. Miracle upon miracle, GH is applying for several much more lucrative jobs...which he put off for years, partly due to the fact that his wife (that would be me) wasn't allowing him to provide for the family! I respect my husband more than I ever have, watching him rise to the occasion; he doesn't even want me to look for a job. God is revealing to me how important obedience is; I've always known it, but this situation really drives it home.

The Princess is off camping with friends this weekend. The Prince and I are off to babysit three little darling boys while their mom takes the older two kids to a symphony. We are absolutely in love with babies, so this should be fun!

May the Lord richly bless you today!

Monday, October 22, 2007

What's new and exciting?

Okay, it's been almost a month again since I posted. I'm resisting the urge to rush here whenever I feel down, so that I don't make this a kvetching blog.

We still aren't in our bedroom. GH will probably move in there tonight, but he took our king size bed apart and had to trash the box spring, since it was broken. He wants to build a base for the two air mattresses that make up our bed. So, the couch is still my bed.

The Princess had her play a few weekends ago. It went okay, but we were a little disappointed that the sound wasn't very good, and the play was THREE HOURS LONG! GH has decided that she should take a break from the theater group, much to her chagrin. He wants the kids to start contributing more to the household, and doing less away from home. He also feels that The Princess has a "princess" complex, and is bound and determined to rid her of it. Yikes, it's gonna get crazy here, I think. I, unfortunately, have the same "princess" complex, so he's working on curing us both.

Have I mentioned that The Prince is musically talented? We got a keyboard given to us by some friends, and he just picked it up and started playing, by ear. He now takes keyboard class, and loves it. I really want him to learn to read music, and as his musical Grandpa says, "If you can read music, you can play anything!" GH and I are not musical (except that we like music), so we're thinking it skipped a generation. :-)

We've been dealing with a multitude of internet problems, and have changed providers. Hopefully, this new one will be more reliable, although the past few days we've had it, we're having some issues, so we'll see.

I'm not feeling very chatty today, so I'll just try to get back here sooner to post.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I hate titles

The bedroom still isn't done. GH is painting it at this very moment, so very soon!

In other news, The Princess and I both have stuffy noses, and she has a cough. The Prince and GH have yet to get the bug, so maybe we've dodged that bullet.

The Princess is involved in a theater group, but has never tried out for a part since the first play she performed in, which was "Annie." If I never hear "Hard Knock Life," or "Tomorrow" again, I'll be perfectly content, by the way. Anyway, she was OFFERED a part last week, and so we'll get to see more of her at the performance in October! We're so excited! With said part, another fee for a second costume was due, so my generous and wonderful parents paid for it. What would I do without my parents?

About those parents: We had quite the scare a week or so ago. My dad, being a Korean War Vet, has always wanted to return to Korea to see what our (meaning the U.S.) efforts did for South Korea. The opportunity arose, and they took it. The Korean government actually hosts American veterans in a show of appreciation for their service! How cool is that?! I wonder if Iraq will do that someday...

Anyway, Mom and Dad extended their trip for a full six days to go to China. I didn't like that idea, but I understood. Sort of. They were able to call one time, when they arrived in China. It was 12:30 a.m., and they woke me from a dead sleep, but I was so very happy to hear from them that I didn't care. They sounded good, and were looking forward to exploring China (as much as China will let you explore).

My brother and I had noted that their itinerary from the airline said they'd be returning on the 20th; however, Mom kept talking about returning on the 21st. Well, we figured she could have been mistaken, and that they were really returning on the 20th SINCE THAT'S WHAT THE ITINERARY SAID. So, The Princess and I headed the 40 miles or so to our major airport, and waited for them to arrive. And waited, and waited, and waited, and waited...for three hours. They did not arrive, and I had a meltdown, right there, in front of the international terminal. I called my brother, sobbing "Mom and Dad weren't on the plane! I don't know what to do!! Call me back, please!!!!!" The Princess, who is mature beyond her years, calmly called her father, GH, and told him I may not be able to drive home.

I calmed down, called the airline and asked if my parents were booked on the 9/20 flight from Seoul, South Korea. They said they couldn't tell me; that's confidential information. *sigh* So, while The Princess and I headed home in rush hour traffic from the airport, GH went to my folks' home, and started calling all the hotels listed on their paperwork. Hotels in South Korea and China. Major language barriers ensued, yet GH kept his cool, and finally got some information from a complete (American) stranger in the room they had just vacated in China! Then, we were able to contact the tour company, and were assured they were at that very moment boarding a plane to return home. God bless my GH. He spent over an hour on the phone talking to all kinds of non-English speaking people, just to find his crazy in-laws.

I headed out to the airport AGAIN the next day, and picked them up. I felt kinda bad that I wasn't happier to see them - I mean, I was happy to see them, but I was so frazzled from the day before that it took a little while for it to sink in that they were finally home. Then, when it did sink in, I cried.

Now, for confession time. God has been working on my heart in the area of anxiety and worry. Oh, yes, those two stumbling blocks of many Christian women. I had listened to a fantastic sermon online, and felt God breaking my heart. It felt horrible and blissful at the same time. I gave Him my worry about work, about my kids, my marriage.

And then, my parents didn't arrive when I thought they were going to - and I broke down in front of God and everyone at a major international hub. And you know what God did? Even in my disobedience, even when I was basically saying "I don't believe You are who you say You are," He provided someone to pray for me, right then, right there, in the airport.

I had gone to an information booth, where a lone woman was available to help find flights and other such stuff. I kept going back to her, and she was the only one who actually helped us find out what the problem was. Anyway, before we left the airport, I went back to her, told her we knew they weren't on that flight, and asked her if she prayed. She said, "YES" and grabbed both my hands in hers, and prayed out loud, in the middle of the airport.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me despite my lack of faith. Thank you for forgiving me of my sin, and even providing comfort in the midst of my disobedience. What an awesome God we serve!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Construction and finance blues

I'm feeling pretty blue today. Work has slowed to crawl, which translates into one of two things. Either GH has to start getting a lot of side work, or I have to get a "real" job. Thing is, the money I make doing the work I do is really, really good...when I'm working. If I got a full time job, I probably couldn't make what I do working very part-time. I'm praying on all this. I sure don't want GH to be working all the time, but I've lived the full-time work fantasy with kids, and I just can't imagine God wants me to do that again. We shall see.

Construction update: The bedroom is getting wallboard placed as we speak, but GH just came in and told me he needs something from Home Depot, so he's off. It's 11 p.m., by the way. He took a good long nap this afternoon, so I 'spose he's pretty rested. I, on the other hand, am exhausted. I didn't get a nap. So, I decided to come put an addition on my blog that isn't after a full month of nothing.

In other news, the Princess has been taking about dyeing her hair for awhile now. She said she wanted it to be pinkish. I figured, she's a good kid, she can't get in trouble at school since she's homeschooled, and it sounds like fun to me! So, we went and looked at hair colors. I noticed she kept looking at the light blonde colors. And as time went on, the blonde got lighter, and lighter and lighter, until we're looking at platinum blonde bleach kits! We brought it home, and she couldn't wait to get it on her head. I had to do it, since it's not really something you want to do on yourself the first time.

Well, I hate it. She has beautiful hair, but now it's a really, really unnatural blonde. I don't think anyone likes it but her, which is fine. It's just hard to get used to. At least it'll grow out.

The Prince is building a clubhouse in our backyard. He really spent alot of time nailing 2X4s together, and he actually has kind of a neat looking shelter started. We'll see how that progresses. He always has big ideas that are kind of hard to carry out, but I'm proud of how he is persevering on this project.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

This blog, and where it's going

Had our first park day with our homeschool co-op today. It was really nice. I had seen most everyone over the summer, but not all together! We have a number of new families, so the kids have more kids to commiserate with. They both seemed happy to be there.

I noticed something. I re-read my first post, and I said I'd probably be talking about weight loss and finance. As far as I can tell, I've posted little if anything about either of those! Oh, well, this is (so far) only for my reading pleasure, so I guess it doesn't matter.

The Princess is sitting just behind me, reading every word. She keeps laughing at what I write. Just wait 'til she leaves the room... (She's laughing again).

I have a friend who thinks I should send her the link to this blog. Her blog is so well-written, and she really inspires me with her lifestyle and faith. And here I blog about...my broken toe. *sigh* And then my injured knee *double sigh.* Oh, and let's not forget adventures in home improvement *groan.* I think I'll send her the link just so she can get it out of her system. :-)

What else is going on? Oh, the bedroom project is still in progress. All three windows are replaced, and the stucco is almost done (the color coat needs to go on). GH is putting in a radiant barrier to hopefully make the room cooler in summer, warmer in winter. It's all taking a long time, but I think it will be worth it.

Oh, I had my birthday in the past week! I got a wonderful digital camera! My daddy found it for me, and my in-laws, brother and GH pitched in. They also got me a charger for re-chargeable batteries. I am soooo excited! I love The Pioneer Woman and I really want to learn about taking pics with the digital on her site. Of course, I don't live in the same kind of setting that she does, but I can find beauty here, really, I can! I will learn how to post pics here. Just give me a little time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another month, another dollar....

Oh, well. Not keeping up with this blog thing. I love reading others' blogs, but writing my own is a challenge.

Knee update: Seems I tore the MCL, the ligament that runs on the inside of your knee, and dislocated the patella (kneecap). No MRI needed (Amen, since I'm claustrophobic, and don't like MRIs). I was fitted for a turbo brace in metallic red, which I will pick up tomorrow...nearly two months after I injured my knee. Gotta love those HMOs. I'll wear the brace when I need the support, like while I walk. Yes, I get to start walking again. The old hound will be mighty glad to get out there and smell the roses.

Summer has been lazy, somewhat. While the kids were at camp a few weeks ago, the Gearhead and I (well, mostly he) painted our family room. It came out beautifully. We used brown, taupe and a wheat yellow, with a creamy white trim, and a darker brown trim around the brown. GH also rolled a faux finish onto the two brown walls. Hard to describe, but everyone who has seen it thinks it's lovely. We're going for an Americana look. My mom quilted a beautiful wall hanging depicting "America, the Beautiful," and that's our color pallet and theme inspiration. Someday, when I become tech savvy, you will have pictures of all this to view. Until then, please try to imagine it.

Now, we are on to our bedroom. Yikes. The last time that room got any attention was 14 years ago when we moved here, and all we did was paint and put in carpet. GH was going to just bust out the wall where my closet is and make double doors so I could get into the entire thing, but it turned into gutting the whole room! The bedroom stuff has been moved into the newly painted family room, and the bedroom is under major construction. It will have new windows, wall board and closet.

He also gutted the hall "linen closet." I put that in quotations because it was a few shelves stuffed with sheets and stuff, and three drawers stuffed with...stuff. Now, it's all emptied of shelves and drawers. It's going to be a utility closet, which is awesome, since I'm very tired of having the mop, vacuum cleaner and broom sitting out for everyone's view displeasure.

As far as the rest of the summer (which is fading fast), since I will have my whiz-bang knee brace, I.AM.GOING.TO.THE.BEACH. And that is final. The doctor said I couldn't walk on any uneven surfaces with my knee in the condition it was in. Well, it feels better, and I will wear the brace while walking on the sand. So, there.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A month's gone by

Since I haven't told anyone about this blog yet, I guess it doesn't matter that I haven't posted in a month, but I really want to make this a regular thing.

Let's see, a month's worth of material. Well, The Prince and I spent an entire week visiting good friends in TX. They have twins, a boy and girl, and the girl was in Europe for two weeks. Long story short, they wanted The Prince to come visit their son while their daughter was in Europe...that turned into The Prince and *me* going to TX. We had a marvelous time there.

The Prince and I left VERY EARLY on a Monday morning. While waiting for our flight, we heard that they were asking for volunteers to take the next flight (an hour later) since they had overbooked the flight we were on. I volunteered, since the reward was another set of plane tickets! They didn't take us up on the offer after all, but the lady at the counter bumped us up to First Class!! I had never flown First Class, and it wasn't the kind of First Class you get on a fancier plane, but we had lots of leg room, and a full breakfast if we wanted it. I knew it was going to be a great trip. I had downloaded some praise music onto my MP3, and I jammed most of the way to TX with it blaring in my ears. I felt so incredibly blessed, since The Prince has horrible motion sickness, and feels claustrophobic on planes; well, with all the extra room (and a window seat, thanks to a kindly old man, and a bit of Dramamine), he had a stress-free flight....

Until we got close to DFW airport. The pilot said a massive storm was headed for the airport, and we'd have to circle for up to an hour until the storm passed! Yuck!!!! Well, the storm decided to head a different direction, so we were only about 20 minutes delayed after all. Then, after we landed, the pilot said we'd be on the tarmack for awhile, since there had been a lightning strike at one end of the airport, and for the safety of the workers, we'd wait for awhile to make sure there were no more lightning strikes! The Prince sounded a bit anxious about both delays, but I assured him that this was just routine stuff when storms were around. I didn't let on that I was a bit nervous about it, too.

Our friends greeted us at the baggage claim, and our adventure in TX began. "N" and I planned to give the boys alot of down time to just play, since they are both homebodies, and prefer to just hang out. We did go to Medieval Times, Mrs. Baird's Bakery, an Independence Day parade, a pharmacy/soda shop, and to see "Transformers." N and I saw "Live Free or Die Hard" and went to Hobby Lobby and an awesome scrapbooking store. We also watched a ridiculous amount of tv, especially after I hurt my knee. We don't have cable here at home, or regular t.v. for that matter, so it's kinda like a kid in a candy store when t.v. is available.

Oh, yeah, my knee. Despite having a great time in TX, I sustained ANOTHER injury, this time to my left knee; it was my left toe a week before we left. I was stepping off a porch onto a very muddy area (it had rained for three weeks by the time we left TX). My right foot slipped, and my left was up on the porch. My leg just kinda buckled, and my friend, who was several yards away, said she heard a "pop." I couldn't tell if the pop was my knee or my behind hitting the mud, but the pain was excrutiating. I couldn't talk for a few minutes. Fortunately, my friend got ice immediately and I could walk on it...but it felt wobbly, for lack of a better word.

I didn't want to go to the doctor while in TX, so I bought a knee brace, and limped along for the rest of our trip. I got an x-ray when I got home, which showed no bone damage. Now, I have an appointment on the 31st to see an orthopedic surgeon, and maybe get an MRI. Meanwhile, my chiropractor is doing physical therapy three times a week to help get the fluid out of the knee. It feels great after she works on it, but at night it hurts pretty badly.

While we were in TX, The Princess was in another state with a group from church. They went to a ranch and rode horses, river rafted, swam, and in addition, worked the ranch. She learned how to do siding on a house, and to fix a fence. She desperately wants to spend the whole summer there working next summer. Now, I can see how that would be a great experience for her, but I couldn't talk to her for a full 7 days this time (no cell reception), and it was really hard for me. I assume if she works there, they have land lines for her to keep in touch, but it's a long ways away. We shall see.

Since we've been back, we haven't done a whole lot. We usually spend alot of time at the beach in the summer, but I can't walk on the sand with this knee, so we've been home. I didn't have work for the entire week after we got back (thus losing TWO weeks of income), but it seems to be picking up again.

The Gearhead and I talk alot about moving to TX. We live in a very congested (and getting moreso all the time) area. We've both lived here our whole lives, and the quality of life just keeps getting chipped away. The biggest thing that keeps us here is our parents. Both sets live within a few miles of us, and they are all aging. The Gearhead is the only child now, and I am the only daughter, so we feel obligated to stay. However, I would not have to work if we moved there, and in fact, we could sell our house here and buy a house outright there...and a much nicer house at that. The Princess has informed us that we can let her know our address when we get there, since she won't leave here. Silly girl.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pulled a "Claire" yesterday. Running up some stairs at church, foot slipped on step, big toe jammed into concrete step. Yep, it hurts. It might be broken, but I just refuse to go to the doctor, so I'll never know. Does it really matter? It hurts, and it's black and dark blue...and it hurts.

So, I actually went to work today in flip flops. Had to explain to the man "I'm so sorry I'm wearing flip flops. This isn't my usual work attire." Then I flashed the black and blue toe, and got sympathy! Hey, maybe I'll invest in some black and blue grease paint for future use. Naw, not worth it. Now the flip flops are starting to hurt the toe, so tomorrow will be interesting. Just call me the Barefoot Contessa....or more appropriately, the Barefoot Clutz.

Had the kids "graduation" last night at our church. Way, way, way long but it was fun to see the talent displayed by the kids, and a "real" graduation of our one senior. Just five more years 'til The Princess graduates...if she ever gets any school work done! Then, I may never see her again! She's so motivated to own a restaurant and move to New York...well, I guess it's the other way around. Of course, she wants to attend chef school first, and become a Le Cordon Bleu Chef. Oh, and she told me tonight that she wants to be a dance teacher for little kids in her spare time. Oh, and don't forget, she must perform in musical theater, as well. Her goals exhaust me! :-)

The Prince, on the other hand, says he will be content to live in a trailer and make the least amount of money possible, which is funny, 'cuz he LOVES money. The child has more money at times than in is my checking account! Sad but true! He saves, he tithes and he spends frugally. What's really sweet is that he likes to treat me to a coffee or something now and then. I have a hard time accepting his generosity, but I do let him now and then.

The Princess blows every penny she gets. However, she, too, is generous...she usually blows her money on me or someone else. She spent all her money on a Mother's Day gift for me when she was only about 7 or 8. Last month, she took me out to lunch because "no one ever treats you to lunch, Mommy." What a sweet girl, eh?

On another subject: I've been reading a book about spiritual gifts. Seems I haven't spent much time thinking or praying about it, but my biggest concern right now is determining my kids' gifts. The Princess is almost 100% an administrator, which makes sense. She makes lists, wants things done in an orderly fashion...and is a slob. No time for trivial stuff like cleaning.

The Prince is almost 100% compassion. Very, very sensitive, feels other people's feelings, sometimes very negative. There's lots more to both gifts, but I've only just started reading the book. :-)

I'd like to know what The Gearhead's gift(s) are, too. May be service, since he's the guy to call when you're in trouble with a car, or home repair, or just about any disaster - he can fix it. We shall see...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My first post!!!

After spending months reading other people's blogs, I decided it's time I got my own!

I'm thinkin' I'll just write about all kinds of stuff, though my attention is currently on weight loss and personal finance.

As you probably gathered from my blog's title, I have two kids and a car-guy husband.

We homeschool. Yep, qualifies us as weird, I know. However, I can honestly say that my kids usually leave the house with their hair brushed and clothes matching. :-)

I'm not sure how this all works yet, so if you run across this blog, please post a comment! Just be nice, 'k?