Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another month, another dollar....

Oh, well. Not keeping up with this blog thing. I love reading others' blogs, but writing my own is a challenge.

Knee update: Seems I tore the MCL, the ligament that runs on the inside of your knee, and dislocated the patella (kneecap). No MRI needed (Amen, since I'm claustrophobic, and don't like MRIs). I was fitted for a turbo brace in metallic red, which I will pick up tomorrow...nearly two months after I injured my knee. Gotta love those HMOs. I'll wear the brace when I need the support, like while I walk. Yes, I get to start walking again. The old hound will be mighty glad to get out there and smell the roses.

Summer has been lazy, somewhat. While the kids were at camp a few weeks ago, the Gearhead and I (well, mostly he) painted our family room. It came out beautifully. We used brown, taupe and a wheat yellow, with a creamy white trim, and a darker brown trim around the brown. GH also rolled a faux finish onto the two brown walls. Hard to describe, but everyone who has seen it thinks it's lovely. We're going for an Americana look. My mom quilted a beautiful wall hanging depicting "America, the Beautiful," and that's our color pallet and theme inspiration. Someday, when I become tech savvy, you will have pictures of all this to view. Until then, please try to imagine it.

Now, we are on to our bedroom. Yikes. The last time that room got any attention was 14 years ago when we moved here, and all we did was paint and put in carpet. GH was going to just bust out the wall where my closet is and make double doors so I could get into the entire thing, but it turned into gutting the whole room! The bedroom stuff has been moved into the newly painted family room, and the bedroom is under major construction. It will have new windows, wall board and closet.

He also gutted the hall "linen closet." I put that in quotations because it was a few shelves stuffed with sheets and stuff, and three drawers stuffed with...stuff. Now, it's all emptied of shelves and drawers. It's going to be a utility closet, which is awesome, since I'm very tired of having the mop, vacuum cleaner and broom sitting out for everyone's view displeasure.

As far as the rest of the summer (which is fading fast), since I will have my whiz-bang knee brace, I.AM.GOING.TO.THE.BEACH. And that is final. The doctor said I couldn't walk on any uneven surfaces with my knee in the condition it was in. Well, it feels better, and I will wear the brace while walking on the sand. So, there.

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