Monday, October 22, 2007

What's new and exciting?

Okay, it's been almost a month again since I posted. I'm resisting the urge to rush here whenever I feel down, so that I don't make this a kvetching blog.

We still aren't in our bedroom. GH will probably move in there tonight, but he took our king size bed apart and had to trash the box spring, since it was broken. He wants to build a base for the two air mattresses that make up our bed. So, the couch is still my bed.

The Princess had her play a few weekends ago. It went okay, but we were a little disappointed that the sound wasn't very good, and the play was THREE HOURS LONG! GH has decided that she should take a break from the theater group, much to her chagrin. He wants the kids to start contributing more to the household, and doing less away from home. He also feels that The Princess has a "princess" complex, and is bound and determined to rid her of it. Yikes, it's gonna get crazy here, I think. I, unfortunately, have the same "princess" complex, so he's working on curing us both.

Have I mentioned that The Prince is musically talented? We got a keyboard given to us by some friends, and he just picked it up and started playing, by ear. He now takes keyboard class, and loves it. I really want him to learn to read music, and as his musical Grandpa says, "If you can read music, you can play anything!" GH and I are not musical (except that we like music), so we're thinking it skipped a generation. :-)

We've been dealing with a multitude of internet problems, and have changed providers. Hopefully, this new one will be more reliable, although the past few days we've had it, we're having some issues, so we'll see.

I'm not feeling very chatty today, so I'll just try to get back here sooner to post.

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