Monday, June 25, 2007

Pulled a "Claire" yesterday. Running up some stairs at church, foot slipped on step, big toe jammed into concrete step. Yep, it hurts. It might be broken, but I just refuse to go to the doctor, so I'll never know. Does it really matter? It hurts, and it's black and dark blue...and it hurts.

So, I actually went to work today in flip flops. Had to explain to the man "I'm so sorry I'm wearing flip flops. This isn't my usual work attire." Then I flashed the black and blue toe, and got sympathy! Hey, maybe I'll invest in some black and blue grease paint for future use. Naw, not worth it. Now the flip flops are starting to hurt the toe, so tomorrow will be interesting. Just call me the Barefoot Contessa....or more appropriately, the Barefoot Clutz.

Had the kids "graduation" last night at our church. Way, way, way long but it was fun to see the talent displayed by the kids, and a "real" graduation of our one senior. Just five more years 'til The Princess graduates...if she ever gets any school work done! Then, I may never see her again! She's so motivated to own a restaurant and move to New York...well, I guess it's the other way around. Of course, she wants to attend chef school first, and become a Le Cordon Bleu Chef. Oh, and she told me tonight that she wants to be a dance teacher for little kids in her spare time. Oh, and don't forget, she must perform in musical theater, as well. Her goals exhaust me! :-)

The Prince, on the other hand, says he will be content to live in a trailer and make the least amount of money possible, which is funny, 'cuz he LOVES money. The child has more money at times than in is my checking account! Sad but true! He saves, he tithes and he spends frugally. What's really sweet is that he likes to treat me to a coffee or something now and then. I have a hard time accepting his generosity, but I do let him now and then.

The Princess blows every penny she gets. However, she, too, is generous...she usually blows her money on me or someone else. She spent all her money on a Mother's Day gift for me when she was only about 7 or 8. Last month, she took me out to lunch because "no one ever treats you to lunch, Mommy." What a sweet girl, eh?

On another subject: I've been reading a book about spiritual gifts. Seems I haven't spent much time thinking or praying about it, but my biggest concern right now is determining my kids' gifts. The Princess is almost 100% an administrator, which makes sense. She makes lists, wants things done in an orderly fashion...and is a slob. No time for trivial stuff like cleaning.

The Prince is almost 100% compassion. Very, very sensitive, feels other people's feelings, sometimes very negative. There's lots more to both gifts, but I've only just started reading the book. :-)

I'd like to know what The Gearhead's gift(s) are, too. May be service, since he's the guy to call when you're in trouble with a car, or home repair, or just about any disaster - he can fix it. We shall see...

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