Saturday, September 8, 2007

Construction and finance blues

I'm feeling pretty blue today. Work has slowed to crawl, which translates into one of two things. Either GH has to start getting a lot of side work, or I have to get a "real" job. Thing is, the money I make doing the work I do is really, really good...when I'm working. If I got a full time job, I probably couldn't make what I do working very part-time. I'm praying on all this. I sure don't want GH to be working all the time, but I've lived the full-time work fantasy with kids, and I just can't imagine God wants me to do that again. We shall see.

Construction update: The bedroom is getting wallboard placed as we speak, but GH just came in and told me he needs something from Home Depot, so he's off. It's 11 p.m., by the way. He took a good long nap this afternoon, so I 'spose he's pretty rested. I, on the other hand, am exhausted. I didn't get a nap. So, I decided to come put an addition on my blog that isn't after a full month of nothing.

In other news, the Princess has been taking about dyeing her hair for awhile now. She said she wanted it to be pinkish. I figured, she's a good kid, she can't get in trouble at school since she's homeschooled, and it sounds like fun to me! So, we went and looked at hair colors. I noticed she kept looking at the light blonde colors. And as time went on, the blonde got lighter, and lighter and lighter, until we're looking at platinum blonde bleach kits! We brought it home, and she couldn't wait to get it on her head. I had to do it, since it's not really something you want to do on yourself the first time.

Well, I hate it. She has beautiful hair, but now it's a really, really unnatural blonde. I don't think anyone likes it but her, which is fine. It's just hard to get used to. At least it'll grow out.

The Prince is building a clubhouse in our backyard. He really spent alot of time nailing 2X4s together, and he actually has kind of a neat looking shelter started. We'll see how that progresses. He always has big ideas that are kind of hard to carry out, but I'm proud of how he is persevering on this project.

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