Thursday, January 10, 2008

Self Improvement

Here's the deal: My father is turning 80 in February. We (my brother, mom and I) are having a surprise b-day party for him at my folks' house. We are PRAYING for good weather, since my folks' house is small, and people will have to mull around outside to breathe.

As I mentioned before, I have family members who have been downright rude in their comments to me. Some of the worst offenders (from years ago) will probably be attending said party.

Now, I've lost 35 lbs. However, these folks haven't seen me in years, and I doubt they will notice a difference. To them, I'm still fat. I can't remember what I weighed the last time I saw them. I have avoided weddings and other family get-togethers to avoid these folks. Needless to say, I'm starting to get nervous.

Instead of worrying myself into a tizzy, I'm going to use these next five weeks or so to get back to business in the weight loss arena. Moreso, exercise. I lost this weight by eating less, not exercising, so I figure I can really make a dent in the last 35 pounds if I exercise, too.

So, here's my plan:

1. Track my food everyday. Shouldn't be hard. I have all the materials from L.A. Weight Loss/Pure Weight Loss, and I have a friend who used to work for them who I can call for help if need be. I've gotten out of the habit of eating all my veggies everyday, so that's my first priority; that, and limiting the carbs. I never was a big bread eater, but lately sandwiches have been sounding good. If I eat cereal for breakfast (which I usually do), I can't have two pieces of bread at lunch, so no sandwich. Argh.

2. Exercise. Now, I haven't determined what is a good amount to start with. I have a gym membership, and I have a dog. I really prefer to walk the dog; makes it seem like I'm doing something good for him. :-) Combining errands with walking is motivating, and doesn't feel like exercise; to my bank to deposit a check, to the post office to drop some mail, or to Blockbuster for movies/video games.

The gym membership is cheap, which is the only reason it hasn't been canceled. I have literally paid $15 per month for about 12 years; I think I average twice a year, so each visit is about $7.50. Still a bargain!!!!! I think I could make my dollars stretch even further if I would just GO. I have a very fit friend who likes to call me twice a year to go to the gym (she does most of her working out at home), so I think I'll call her tomorrow to get me going. She has good advice on lifting weights and using the machines, so it's like having my own personal trainer.

Also, I bought The Princess her own membership when she turned 12, so I could drag her along. The Prince has already asked to come to the gym when he turns 12 (which is only a few months away), so I could start a family revolution!

3. PRAY. I should have put this first. The only way I got over my cravings and snacking is through prayer. So, I will be getting back on track with my Bible reading and praying first thing in the a.m. and while I walk. Nothing better than praising God for a healthy body while making it healthier!!!!

4. Post pictures of myself *gasp* before and "after," or present time. I really avoided the camera when I was heavier, so that will be a challenge, but I'll have The Princess take my picture tomorrow or something, and post it. I can't believe I said that. Man, I'll have to do my hair and make-up and find something to wear! We have a busy day tomorrow, so it may not happen until Friday, so don't start harassing me, ALRIGHT???!!!!

Oh, oh, oh, I just had an idea!!! We will be at park day tomorrow, so I'll try to get there early and walk around the field! Yeah, good start!!!! I'll letcha know how that goes.

God's love to you.


Headless Mom said...

You might try picking around at The Elff diet. Carmen is inspiring-start at her 'about' post. I started in June and have kept the first 10 lb. off and am going for another 10. (The link is in my sidebar.) Good luck!!!

Big Doofus said...

I hate the fact that anyone has ever been rude to you about your weight (and I've never met you--but you leave nice comments on my blog). Have you considered hitting them on the head with a blunt object? It might make you feel better. Sorry, couldn't resist.

I'll be praying for you.

ClaireBoe said...

Ah Doofus, you think like I do. I'd love to use blunt objects on them, but that would just leave a mark and stain the carpet, so alas, no.

Until now, I've just let it happen, and cried a river. No more. The fur may fly.