Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm a copy cat

Heather over at OMSH recently wrote about her husband buying a new toy. Gearhead has his own toys (as boys will), but they're not new, in any way.

I think I said it on a comment on her blog - a man on a horse, and a man on a Harley - be still my heart.

This is the Gearhead just an hour or so ago. He went for a ride to a Harley store with a buddy. Our weather is really nice right now, and with rain looming on Monday (and beyond) he had to get the bike running and take it for a scoot. :-)

And if you have to know, the car is a 1931 Model A. It was the Gearhead's grandfather's, so it will probably move with us to Texas, if we go. He's actually out driving it around right now.

Sadly, I really don't get the whole love affair the Gearhead has with cars and motorcycles. Cars are a part of the culture here in Southern California, and it is definitely a big part of his life. Me? If it gets me from Point A to Point B, it's a good car.

He, on the other hand, built a very large garage for his projects and toys, which took up most of our backyard. It even has a full bathroom, office and loft for storage. It was as big as our house when he was done. Good thing he added a family room, bedroom and extended the kitchen, or I'd have been a tad put out!

The Prince is more into new cars ("Mom, that's an Enzo Ferrari!" "Hey, did you see that Porsche!"). This from the kid who wants to be a pastor when he grows up. Of course, it's an ongoing joke that he's going to be a "Pastor with a Porsche."

The Princess loves the "whee" cars, as in, "Wheeeeeee, this car is fast!!!" She loves to ride the bike with Gearhead, but I say a little prayer every time they take off. She actually rode to the desert on the back of a bike he rented last year! The Harley he has isn't for long distances. It's really hard on his back.


I am so proud of my decluttering and tossing today. I tell ya, it's liberating. It's still really hard for me throw stuff, but it's so necessary.

Well, my brother is headed over here with his quad so that Gearhead can fix it, and he's bringing steak. I'd better get cooking!


Pioneering in PA said...

Good of GH to remember to add some housing room to that full blown garage! Looks like you guys are having beautiful weather, enjoy it! We are going to have a HIGH of 17 tomorrow in PA. Wanna bottle up some of that rain and send it to me, so I can dream of warmer places?

ClaireBoe said...

It's been bottled and sent. :-) I can't imagine 17 degrees...I visited Wisconsin once, and it was about 40 degrees in the middle of the day. I thought I would die.

flutter said...

I need to get into my closet and start tossing. Oof.

Gombojav Tribe said...

See! Another thing that Gana and GH have in common! Gana just got his motorcycle license!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

That is a really cool car. I love old cars and Big Daddy loves to take photos of them.

Today is my cleaning day. I am going through the house room by room but really I just want to sleep. I am still so tired and behind from my trip. Good for you on all your decluttering and tossing.

Sniz said...

Decluttering is so awesome! I need to do it again. It's been a few months. Izzi, the neat one, couldn't even close her dresser drawer today because of all the outgrown clothes.

Cha said...

Aaron says, "Cool bike and car!"
Also, thanks for the compliment on his picture. :)