Saturday, January 19, 2008

Please visit Daja's blog

I mentioned World Vision's 30 hour Famine earlier. My homeschool friend, Daja, who is teaching the missions class for our homeschool group, has facilitated the kids joining the effort to feed starving children. Our kids are raising money between now and the end of February, when they will fast for a full 30 hours, while doing service projects.

Please visit Daja's blog when you have a chance. There is a slide show and more information about the 30 Hour Famine. I'm not politically minded, and I don't like asking for anything from other people. I do, however, believe in helping those that can't help themselves. 29,000 children die everyday from preventable causes, and I know that we can help.

Also, if you are so led, leave a link to Daja's blog from your blog. We want to raise as much money as we can. The kids are having a babysitting night on Valentine's Day (where they charge people to watch their kids, and the proceeds all go to World Vision), having a pizza day at Round Table (where they give a percentage of the proceeds to our group's effort), and other service projects to raise the money. The kids took on a pretty large pledge (between their individual pledges, and the group pledge), and I know that God can provide the way. Not only will this benefit children in other countries, but our children's faiths will be greatly increased on seeing what God can do when the faithful put feet to their faith.

Thank you so much, and my God richly bless you today.

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dlyn said...

The kids in our church have been doing the 30 hr Famine for years - it is a church wide effort with lots of donations and culminating in a huge meal that honors all the kids who fasted. It brings back good memories to think back to when our girls participated. Nice blog by the way!