Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Praying for Obama

Just realized it's Tuesday!

Lord, I pray for President-elect Obama. I ask, Lord, for Your influence in his life, for him to truly turn his heart towards You, to seek YOUR will for our country. Thank you for being all knowing, and all powerful. In Jesus' Name.


Mrs. C said...

Yes. We really need to keep praying for his heart and his leadings. Hugs.

Missie said...


eally said...

You are doing the right thing...I am still in such denial that HE actually won! Ugh!

Mrs. C said...

Hey!! Missed you! Hope all is well.

Toni said...

I am praying as well. Btw, *loved* seeing your photo.
p.s. I'm laughing at my word verification for this post: hypno