Sunday, December 14, 2008


Now, if you've ever seen the movie "A Christmas Story," you will not pronounce that title in the typical American way...think Italian..."Fra-geel-aa!"

One of the big differences in the upbringing of The Gearhead & I is that my family celebrates all the holidays (in a secular way, for the most part, but they rock the gifts and the dinners, etc.). When the Gearhead's fraternal grandmother died, so did all the family get-togethers. Seriously. This was all before my time, but I have never been to a non-funeral family gathering with The Gearhead's entire family. So, The Gearhead's view of holidays is quite, what I feel to be, watered down.

Case in point: Valentine's Day. Direct quote from The Gearhead: "It's a Hallmark holiday." Thus, no celebration (at least after we got married).

Case in point: My birthday. Until a few years ago, no gift. My family did all the planning and gift-giving. Otherwise? No birthday. That has improved, I have to say.

Case in point: Christmas. If I didn't get gifts for our kids, for his family, for my family, there wouldn't be any gift-giving. He'd just rather let it go on by, without a big fuss.
After 17, almost 18, years of marriage, I'm kinda getting used to it. There are times when I get really upset about it, but for the most part, I deal.

So, the other night, The Gearhead decided to watch "A Christmas Story." We own it. I was sitting in this very spot before the computer, listening to him guffaw throughout. The man rarely watches a movie, and even more rarely will he watch the same movie more than once, so this was a big deal. When the movie was over, he said, "There, now I've had Christmas. If nothing else happens for Christmas, I'm happy." WHAAAA???!!!!! Have y'all seen "A Christmas Story?" I just can't imagine it completing anyone's Christmas dreams. But, that's just me, I guess. He did mention that he'd seen on the internet that you could actually buy one of those fishnet stocking lamps and have it delivered in a big wooden box, just like in the movie. Here's a link to the scene, if you haven't seen it before: "Fishnet Stocking Lamp."

The Gearhead's birthday was this weekend. He is really hard to buy for, so I usually just tell him to get something he wants. He does that anyway, all year long, so it's just kinda blah. I was at a music store, and they had these for sale:

Oh yeah, baby. I bought one. That's what he got for his birthday. It got quite the chuckle out of him.

Happy Birthday, Biscuit!!!! :)

FYI: The cohesiveness of this post is questionable. Therefore, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to be honest. I had a drink tonight when my dear ol' dad began telling my husband's friend one of his war stories - loudly - ad nauseum. So, if this post doesn't make complete sense, let's just chalk it up to that, 'k? Thanx.


Mrs. C said...

I see it didn't come in a little wooden crate LOL!! I saw those lamp$$ on sale too, and couldn't imagine... um... where that would go in my house.

You know they have the house on the movie open for tours if he's that into it. :]

Dominguez Den said...

I HAVE ONE OF THOSE LAMPS!!! Because watching "A Chrismas Story" is a tradition in our house since Richard and I got married 25 years ago! I found that Leg Lamp 5 years ago and bought it for Richard for Christmas! Yes, the box was marked "Fragile" It sits on my end table (Stack of old suitcases) in our den. The top of the lamp lights up and so does the leg! I should include a pic. on my blog :o)

By the way, glad you are back, you haven't posted, and I've missed you!

Gombojav Tribe said...

You gave GearHead a major award! :-)

Was he "overcome by art"?

for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! That is awesome! My husband would love one of those. I may have to do a hunt!

Aunt B said...

My hubby "Bo" got a bigger sized lamp like that at the Company Christmas party this weekend. The leg even lights up! It is so funny. He has it sitting on his desk at work now.

Chris H said...

Very cute wee lamp!

Sniz said...

So what do you all do for anniversaries?

eally said...

I see those silly lamps everywhere! I don't get that movie either...and why so many people like it! It's the most ridiculous movie I've seen for a Christmas movie!