Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Praying for the President-elect

Daja had this idea straight from God, and I decided to join with her in praying for our President-elect.

So, I'll join Daja in praying that a strong, Godly black man comes along side him to guide him. My own prayer is that he reconsiders reinstating UNFPA. I don't understand why we should fund abortions in America, much less in China (for instance), where abortions are forced on mothers who have already had a child.

As Daja said, feel free to use the picture above, and join us in praying fervently for President-elect Obama.



Mrs. C said...

Amen. Will be holding your hand and Daja's as we pray together each Tuesday. Well, unless you don't hold hands. Well, whatever. One place I went to for Bible study, the leader wanted to make me feel welcome so she told me I could, at any time during prayers, "Sing, shout or crap!" LOL Yeah, we had an interesting discussion afterward and every lady interjected the silliest thing SHE had heard during church time. LOL

Dominguez Den said...

We will be praying!
Hey, where are you? no post for a week now! I have ben posting like a mad women!