Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm a real blogger! I have a troll!! And, THE GEARHEAD SPEAKS!!! Oh yes, he does.

If you look in the comments from the last blog post, you will see this, a comment by "Anonymous":

Why Texas?? I am sick of Cali people coming here, this is a very conservative state, the last thing we need is Californians driving up home values here.

Don't mess with Texas, stay in your land of high taxes, state income taxes and gay marriage.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term "troll" in the Internet world, a troll is one who posts inflammatory comments anonymously, as this person did. I chose to publish it, because it goes to show how narrow-minded and judgmental people can be, and I want to warn those of you who are just starting blogs (Hi Cherie!) that they are out there. You NEVER have to post anonymously, as some would have you believe. All you have to do is make a profile with Blogger, which doesn't have to have a blog attached. Also, I do have one friend who posts as "anonymous," and then signs her name in the comment, so I know it's her. This person did not do that.

I am going to answer said "Anonymous" aka "Coward," this time. But this is the last time:

Why Texas, you ask. Well, there is a laundry list of reasons. We have friends there, and we've visited a number of times in the past few years, and love it. We are very conservative, and are fish out of water here in our home state, despite living in one of the most conservative areas of the state. We plan on becoming Texans in every way if we move there. We are not white collar snobs (though not all white collar folks are snobs, in my experience). I'm not sure how moving there will drive up home values, but if you own a home there, and your home values go up, isn't that a good thing?

We voted "Yes" on Proposition 8. And it passed. Gay marriage is not legal here as of November 4, and I don't understand how our moving there has anything to do with that.

Oh, and for your information, Texas property taxes are higher than ours; so much higher than ours, they more than make up for our state tax. Your sales tax? THE SAME AS OURS (for now). Do your research, Mr. or Ms. Troll, before posting such uninformed garbage.

Blessings to you, Troll/Coward. You need all you can get.


The Gearhead speaks, y'all!!! He read the troll's comment, and had to jump in. Here ya go. Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions of said Gearhead do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of this blogger, but they come pretty darn close.

Gearhead here. I walk into my family room to be informed by my better half that her blog received it's first troll comment. Great! I can't pass up this opportunity, either.

I have been told by more than one native-born Texan that I will fit in Texas better than they do, and my family is very welcome . I can't wait to meet one of you in some Texas diner. You will not know me, but your fat, lazy, disrespectful carcass will be easy for me to pick out of a room full of the friendly, polite folks that most Texans are. The time will come when I'll over hear some self righteous local whining about something stupid, and I will be reminded of you and this here blog, and chuckle.

Take comfort in knowing that I pray to God that I follow His will in all areas of my life including how I vote. So here it is TROLL:

#1) If your concern is that we're not conservative enough for you, relax. Texas will become more RED if we show up. I have never been stupid enough to vote to tax ourselves on anything.

#2) If you are afraid you won't be able to buy a house, don't despair. If your Grandma hasn't kicked you out of her trailer yet, she probably won't just because we move there. (hahaha Trailer Troll)

#3) Gay marriage a problem for Christian families in Texas, too? You bet. I'm glad the citizens of the Texas state capital city didn't vote on our Prop 8. That would bring new meaning to the term "Cowboy Wedding."

All that said, I understand that a lot of Californians seem to bring too much pretentiousness with them. Trust me when I say, if I encounter a good example of this, I will introduce myself to them as "100% former Californian," and "Don't Mess with Texas." Also, understand it will take every strand of restraint I have to keep from slapping the cheap, knockoff, O.C. swap meet cologne off their poser, metro-sexual selves.

God, guts, and guns built this country! Got the guts to put your name on what you say? E-mail me, pal, we might be neighbors soon! ;)


Gombojav Tribe said...

Gear-Head blogs! Maybe I'll just make up some trollish comments just to get him to blog again!!! :-)

Mrs. C said...

LOL I might email the dude just to say HI NEIGHBOUR myself.

Prayers for your family!

Don't you just love trolls? Sometimes if you have Sitemeter you can figure out who they are if you know of a troublemaker in a certain location. Texas is pretty big though. :]

PS my word verification is "vents." :p

Zimms Zoo said...

I came here via Daja's blog. I live in the state to the north of Texas. I have to admit that we get a lot of Cali people here too and sometimes it seems kinda frustrating. But our state is still very red. I also know that just because you come from California doesn't make you a fruit loop. Obviously there are lots of wonderful conservative people there because you passed that amendment making gay marriage illegal. Yeah for you!!

But I don't like Texas anyway. They can only talk to you if it is about guns, trailer homes, or football. Move a little farther north from texas. LOL!!!

HS said...

That was funny! I've never heard of the term TROLL for blogs LOL

I came here from JW's comments that you posted about his post, if you look other comments on his blog, you will notice a lot of people like that, just ignore them.

We live in Houston TX and we would love to have your family come live in this wonderful city and great state. You would make a great addition to our community.

There's plenty of jobs, great neighborhoods and schools, lots of affordable housing and gas today was 1.78 a gallon!!


Chris H said...

Hmmm, Trolls are nasty people. Try not to get too hot and bothered by them... they are just saying things to incite trouble, and are usually small minded ignorant prats.

Dominguez Den said...

I don't want you to go to Texas either!

Well, if the troll actually knew you he/she would know that you would be an asset to the state of Texas! California wants you!

Anonymous said...

LOL Tell him he has to blog again!!! He can be the guest blogger every once and a while
We're all laughing over Trailer Troll!
If you move to Texas, you still have to come visit us in Oregon!!!

Missie said...

Forget Texas and move to Idaho. We would welcome you here.

p.s. my word verification is "yastri" which I think just might be Lithuanian for "troll".

eally said...

Oh my heart this is hilarious!! I missed this one. Way to go you two...gotta love those anonymous cowards who post and run!