Friday, March 14, 2008

At the park

One of the things I love about homeschooling is that my kids get to spend a lot of time together. The Prince and the Princess have had their squabbles. Their fights are usually pretty short-lived, and they usually end up laughing.

I didn't have this kind of fun with my brother at my kids' ages. He was pesky, and I'm sure he thought I was horrid. We didn't do anything together; I just wanted him out of my room, and away from my friends. Ack, it sounds awful, but that's what I remember.

These two, on the other hand, kinda like each other's company:

The Prince hasn't always been as daring as he is these days. And, he certainly doesn't take after his mother. I skinned my knees so badly as a little kid by jumping off swings, that I just didn't do it as I got older. We had black top to land on in kindergarten. My, how things have changed.

Yep, that's my boy! You can call him "Superman." I could not believe how high off the ground he was in a few of these pictures.

The Princess is all about finding a way to relax, no matter where she is:

Not sure how comfortable this was, but it sure looks cool. :-)

We're going to have some cooler, wet weather this weekend. I'm hoping to starting some gardening (for the first time in my life) next week. I want to build a planter for the front of my house. The Gearhead tells me my plan sounds kinda "ghetto." Nice, huh? I'll post pics, of course, if my plan ever gets off the ghetto, I mean, ground.


flutter said...

How fun!

Toni said...

They are having waaaay too much fun. I want to play too, lol. And is that your neighborhood in the background? I *love* the houses.

Claire said...

It was fun, Flutter! The fresh air helped the Princess's headache, too.

Toni, that is very near our home. There are a lot of craftsman homes in our area...our neighborhood was never a tract, so every house looks different, and some were built years and years apart.

Annie said...

I still don't like to chill that way with most of my siblings. I still sport scars from them when we were younger, and still hold a grudge.

Faerie Mom said...

My brother and I were really close like that up until high school. It's great to see your kids enjoying each other!

Heather said...

Funny! The gear head might be mocky you for your "Ghetto Garden" now, but boy won't he be enjoying the fruits of your labor when they make their way to his plate for dinner! ;) We have raised garden boxes we use, that seems to work well - just a few landscaping timbers in a rectangle shape with some dirt and you're good to go.

Love the pics of the kids at the park. I'm jealous - it's cold and rainy here in Iowa today!

Claire said...

Annie: I'm sorry you don't have good relationships with your sibs. I don't with my own brother (it's okay, but not GREAT), so I know how you feel.

Faerie: I'm praying they stay close throughout those hs years.

Heather: The box I'm planning on isn't for veggies. It's for the front of our house, and I have visions of beautiful flowers. I want to do a veggie garden in the back, as well, though. :-)