Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still under the weather!

Yep, you read that right. I got over the flu (after a week) but it looks like it's moved into a sinus infection. *sigh* I'm tired of being sick.

My friend from TX has been visiting, though we've only gotten to see her one-and-a-half days. She has other friends and a stepsister here who she's been visiting also. We're headed out to the beach for the day to see her and her stepsister and niece, so that should be fun. Hoping the ocean air helps the sinuses.

The Gearhead has been in TX since last Wednesday, coming home tomorrow. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say about possibly moving. I think I finally have peace about it. If we stay, it'll be fine. If we go, it'll be fine. I've been trying to really observe this place that I live, and I know there are many things I will miss. It has been GLORIOUS the past few days, weather-wise. And as long as I don't have to be out a lot, I don't mind the congestion. But, that's the thing. I have two active kids that need to be shuttled everywhere (especially the Princess). So, I stay home when I can.


I hadn't mentioned that my father is turning 80 soon. We're having a party next Saturday at my folks' house. He doesn't know that people are coming to celebrate his life that day! I can't believe we kept it a secret! He has old friends and family coming from Northern California, and old and newer friends from Arizona (I think) and locally, as well. My aunt and uncle (my mom's brother and his wife) are coming from Kansas! The party is an open house, so we're hoping we have a steady flow of people all day, instead of a bunch at the same time. The house isn't that big!

I did the invitations, and asked if folks would send a letter and a picture of themselves for a scrapbook for Dad. I got quite a few (and am still getting them), but now I have to put it all together! I'm going to keep it simple. I just wanted him to have something to keep to remind him of his 80th.

That's all for now! Thank you for all the well wishes. It's going to be a very busy week, but I'll be here as much as I can.


Pioneering in PA said...

Rejoice in your warm weather. At least you have it!

Mrs. C said...

Aw... I'm sorry you're still feeling poorly.

Big Doofus said...

I'm now dealing with a bug. It sounds like yours but without the stomach thing (for which I am thankful).

At least I don't have to worry about any germs or microscopic things living outside since it's 17 degrees in Central Indiana and dipped down to near zero last night.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I'm glad you're back and feeling better, minus the sinus infection. Continue to get well, don't push yourself.

ClaireBoe said...

Thanks y'all. PinP, I am enjoying it, but I really do like the cooler weather - it's rare here.

Mrs. C - I KNOW!!! I'm so tired of it.

BigD - I'm sorry you're sick! At least I can't be blamed. :-)

Scarlett - Unfortunately, staying down is out of the question this week. Let's just pray the antibiotics kick it. I am determined to get good sleep, too.