Friday, February 29, 2008

The eyes...don't have it.

The eye doctor says that her eyes are fine. *sigh* I was really hoping she just needed glasses, but no. He said, however, that there is nothing to indicate any kind of, um, bad thing, like a tumor. Ugh, I hate to even think that. There's no swelling behind her eyes. Okay, so tomorrow we have the appointment with the chiropractor. We shall see what he has to say.

I'm not doing the fast with the group. I'm feeling awfully raw emotionally, so I probably should, but I couldn't stay to worship with the kids because I knew I'd be a crying mess, and I just don't want to embarrass my son. (wow, long sentence) Anyway, I left him with a full tummy. We ate at Chili's as his farewell-to-food meal. Here are a couple pictures:

Mini burgers and onion rings, yum. Why does he look like it's his last meal? Because it is!!! (for awhile)

Yum, Dr. Pepper. Man, he's gonna crash when he gets really hungry.

Remember Rodney Allen Rippee? He can barely get his mouth around that burger!


Have a blessed, beautiful weekend!!!


Gombojav Tribe said...


Pioneering in PA said...

Good luck with The Princess, and finding a stay to her migraines.

The poor Prince DOES look like it's his last meal. I feel for the poor guy. Hope that he enjoyed it!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I have never done a fast but I hear it is an amazing experience.

Mrs. C said...

:] Cute!

Sniz said...

Yum, those look great. I hope your son does well and that the doctor is able to shed some insight on your daughter's headaches.

for a different kind of girl said...

I've done a couple 24 hour fasts when my church was doing prayer room events. It wasn't a requirement to fast, but having never done it before, I gave it a shot. I was a mess. Not because I wasn't eating. A few hours later, that became an afterthought. It was just the openess to the Spirit that it helped set that did me in. Oh, I was a mess!

The Not So Simple Things In Life said...

Good Luck with your daughter's migraines, I have absolutely no faith in doctors anymore and hoping I come to see a better side of them in the near future!

That pic of your son and all the food is just to cute,'s something I see on a daily basis in my house, with 6 kids and to who eat as if its their last meal we just can't keep food in our house!

Again Good Luck!!