Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Come on everybody, here we gooooooo!!!!!!

This post actually should have come before the last one, chronologically speaking.

Ten points to whoever knows why I titled this post the way I did. It does have to do with Peter Pan, but I need more specificity than that.

The Princess was in yet another play, Peter Pan, a month or so ago. I think this was my favorite that she's done so far, besides Seussical. She was one of Tiger Lily's indians. Check out these pictures:

This the pristine dressing table, before everyone tore it up. These girls don't spent a lot of time cleaning up until after the show.

The girls all take turns doing each other's hair. The Princess has very thick, very curly hair, so she usually straightens it to make it more stylable.

This is Issa. She is a doll. She and her brother have been in many shows with The Princess. In fact, Issa's brother was her dance partner in A Christmas Carol last year (That' s him in the top hat, if you click on "A Christmas Carol")

This is Tiger Lily, aka Sarah. She's a kick. The kid is really talented, and she and The Princess really bonded on this show.

La Princess. Or, Ugga Wugga Princess, in this case.

You might be wondering what's up with The Prince. He was recently asked to play keyboard at The Junior High service at our church. He has really been loving it. He was upset this past Sunday because they had a guest there to lead worship. The Prince said to me "Mom, playing is how I worship! I don't sing!" He truly felt gipped!

This is Annie and Tudor. They are acting out a bible verse to help the kids memorize it.

Here's the Prince getting ready to play.

Here, some of the kids are doing hand motions to a praise song.

We got to babysit a sweet little guy last weekend. His name is Jon, and he loves Michael, and vice versa. We did our usual babysitting trip to the park.

Jon wasn't too sure about that slide, but he'll go anywhere The Prince is going.

Jon had a book about Jonah and the Whale, which is apparently his favorite. I think we read it twenty times while he was here!

I hope your week is going well, and that you feel God's presence in your comings and goings!

Be blessed!

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for a different kind of girl said...

Your kids are pretty darn awesome. How fantastic they each have something they enjoy doing so much that brings joy to others.