Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm still here!

Last week, on Thursday evening, I was invited by my mom to see "A Chorus Line" at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles. I had seen it when I was 19 with my friend, Sabine (she bought tickets for my birthday). Although the dancing was amazing, the acting was a bit disappointing. However, my mom took me to a French restaurant beforehand, which was awesome! Our little town has a lot of good restaurants, and this is the newest.

Then, on Friday, we went to a huge water park with some of our homeschool friends. The park wasn't crowded at all, which is great for me. I really don't like crowds. We went on several rides and just had a wonderful, relaxing day.

There's the Prince posing with the water park sign.

Then, on Sunday, The Gearhead, the kids and I decided to go to the beach. The kids and I love the beach, but the Gearhead hardly ever goes with us. We spent a few hours in the afternoon listening to the waves hit the sand, and watching countless sailboats on the water. Ah, heaven.

I hope the Princess's legs don't blind you with their whiteness....

That's the Prince out there in the waves. He was the only one brave enough to go in the water. It's really COLD!!! He doesn't mind getting sandy, as you can see.

So, hey, do you notice anything different about me? Leave me a comment, and tell me what you think. Do not say it looks like I've gained 15 pounds. It may be true, but that's not what I want you to notice. :-)

Thank you for your kind comments last time. I'm doing better, though I really need to make some changes in our lifestyle here. That's hard to do.

I'm happy to report that the widow of the man who passed away last week is doing well with her pregnancy. She was still having some contractions, but they were under control. I have friends who went to the funeral and said she gave an amazing speech, and even had everyone laughing and crying. Continued prayers for this family are greatly appreciated.

Have a blessed, beautiful, joyful day!


eally said...

Well, seeing as how you never put pictures of yourself on here...I think I've maybe seen ONE other picture of you...hmmm, let's see? Is your hair lighter?? That's a great pic of you two by the way!

Alicia said...

Fun pics...I is lighter.
You have a cute fam!
Love the sail boats, we don't see those as much up on the central coast. Lovely.
I'm glad you are feeling better.

Mrs. C said...

Glad your friend is well.

Am I allowed to say it looks like you LOST 15 pounds? Or we're not allowed to discuss the weight thing altogether?

You look fine. Your princess looks a little pink, actually. Hope you all used sunscreen and bless you.

Heather said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! A day at the beach. I do all my best thinking, and listening to what God wants of me, when I'm sitting on the beach. It's where I feel the most at peace in my world. Unfortunately, living here in Iowa - that only happens when on vacation in Florida, or visiting my parent's in Texas. Hope you're doing better. Isn't it wonderful to know that God doesn't go anywhere? He's always there just waiting for us.

Big Doofus said...

The Pacific is C-C-C-COLD. Your boy is brave to go in. But I'd still like to be so close to a beach like this. My personal favorite beach is on Lake Michigan. You west coasters would never believe how beautiful it is until you see it.

flutter said...

it looks like you had a wonderful time

Tigerlilly said...

I always enjoy your pictures.. and you look fantastic!

I am de-lurking myself to ask a favor. I am making a blogger quilt and am asking all my favorite bloggers to dig down deep and find your creative side. Would you be willing to quilt a 12" X 12" square? Make it reflect who you are!

email me at if your interested!

for a different kind of girl said...

It looks like a wonderful day at the beach. I'd love to sit there and watch those sailboats all day!

Stephanie said...

Hey girl - thanks for coming by. Glad my mean post didn't make the fur fly too badly. I think perhaps I will do a few more about the cold hard truth!!! I need to hear it myself - over and over again! Looks like you had a great week with your family - good for you. I've never seen you before so I would have no idea what looks different. You look fabulous, of course, darling. Have a great week!

dancer-in-me said...

Thanks for checking back to see if I was still alive!! lol! It gets so hard sometimes to keep the mojo going. You can do it, don't beat yourself up with the gain. You can get back right on track today or tomorrow!

Your vacation looked fabulous!!!