Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am pitiful

I've finally figured out why I don't blog more. It's because I LOVE to read other people's blogs more! Also, I hate how long it takes to upload pictures to my blog. I wish it were a lot quicker, so I could just load 'em and go.

So, just as an update, we are not moving to Texas. Yes, I'm heartbroken. Movin' on.

Pictures, pictures, pictures:

This is The Princess and "D." "D" has the voice of an angel, and we found out at the showcase that her brother does, too! He sang a Michael Buble song (I Feel Good), and oh my. So amazing. Both "D" and her bro are in our homeschool coop.

I don't know why The Princess has to do this "look." She's a weirdo.

There's the Princess in the finale. All the kids who take voice sang "Seasons of Love," from "Rent."

The tall kid with dark hair, almost in the middle of the picture, is "D's" brother. The one with the voice of an angel (like his sister). :-)


The Princess began taking ballet as a little girl of about 3 or 4. The classes were held through our local Parks & Rec. When she was about 7, she was blessed to attend classes with a lady who lived just a few streets north of ours, and had converted her garage into a studio. She was a former prima ballerina, and The Princess learned a lot about classical music, and the proper names for the positions and ballet moves.

When "Miss Judy" moved away, she didn't want to take ballet anymore. Until now. She just started taking ballet a few months ago at the dance studio she's been attending for over a year. I was beyond thrilled when she got to perform at the showcase.

Sorry about the quality of these pics. I did an auto adjust in Adobe, because they were really, really dark. Someday, I'll upgrade to PhotoShop. The Princess thinks that first pic is weird looking, but I kinda like the affect.

And that's one of her best friends with the long, blonde hair.

Here are her two best buds. She calls them "Twiggy" (the blonde) and "My Mandie" (the brunette). They all have silly names for each other.

By observation over the years, I've found that threes usually don't work. I mean, if my kids have a friend over, and then another one comes along, usually one person is left out, or there is arguing amongst all three. Not with these three. They love dance and theater, and they support each other, and pray for and with each other. Maybe that's the key. They were all in a "showcase" with their dance studio a week or so ago, and this is how they were acting afterwards. It was pretty cute.


You may remember this tall beauty from the sleepover. I call her "Punk." These two LOVE the mall. More particularly, they love to try on dressy dresses. I dropped them off a few days ago

They tried on over 20 dresses. In fact, they decided to do a page in our homeschool yearbook entitled "27 Dresses."

We think Punk looks like a mannequin in this picture. :-)

This black and white number was The Princess' favorite. I think this is one of my favorites on the Punk, too. I can't believe my daughter and her friends look like this. I mean, they're gorgeous!

They took this picture just 'cuz it looked cool. I like the affect.

They really should have used the flash, since a lot of the pics are a little fuzzy, but The Princess said the pictures were coming out better if they took them in the mirrors, and the flash made a big bright spot on the picture. Oh, well.

And what, you may ask, has The Prince been up to? Look if you dare.

He wanted to get the lizard close to the camera, but I kept saying "Noooooo, just keep it there and I'll use the zoom!" I cannot believe The Prince can actually catch these little guys, but I've watched him, so there is undeniable proof.

Okay, so I shoulda warned you to get your favorite beverage again. Oops.


flutter said...

your daughter is just so gorgeous!

Gombojav Tribe said...

FUN!!! I love to hear D sing, too! What amazingly talented young people are in our group!!!

eally said...

Been wondering where ya been?! Great pictures by the way. So what's up with not moving to Texas? Not going to elaborate right now?

eally said...

Okay I am going to help you jumpstart your blog again! I tagged you for a meme...get busy girl!! I'm posting it tomorrow (Thursday)

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

You aren't pitiful, but you care about others! You aren't selfish. That's good!

I'm sorry that you're not moving to Texas. :-(

The girls are gorgeous!