Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas, 8 days later

The Prince playing Christmas music.

The Gearhead showing off his gift from his parents.

The Prince trying out his Chucks.

The Princess and The Gearhead's mom.

The Princess opening stocking stuffers. Note the hair and make-up. She stayed up late on Christmas Eve doing the hair so that she'd look pretty for Christmas morning pictures. Who looks pretty in Christmas morning pictures?!

The Prince got a 12-pack of Coke from Grandma & Grandpa for his new mini-fridge that he got from us. They contributed 1/2 of the cost of his "big" gift, a camera, which he got at my folks house later in the day, but Grandma wanted him to have something to open at our house.

The Princess put on everything wearable that she got, when she opened it. Thus, she has two necklaces and two pairs of socks, and those geek glasses.

The Gearhead's mom opening her gift, a set of mugs. She wanted them over a year ago, but I failed to get them for her until this year. She looks happy, huh?

Our Christmas tree.

Me, baking. This was a few days before Christmas, but I didn't stay up late doing my hair and make-up, so I don't wish to publish a Christmas morning picture of me.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God bless you!


Mrs. C said...

LOL Your mom looks horrified! I hope that's just her "very surprised" look.

And the Prince looks so well in the photos. How is he doing?

Princess is always cuute. :]

Alicia said...

cute pictures:) your princess reminds me of my Lilo..funky socks and neclaces and bracelets..maybe that is what she will be like as a teen. well, she does look awful cute for christmas morning!
how cool to have your own coke stash..can i get one of those?:)
Your Prince has grown up a lot since I was reading you on my list so i can keep up better:)

Claire said...

Mrs. C: That's my mil (not mom), but that's her surprised look, not horrified. She was thrilled, because she really loves my mugs, and regretted not getting them at the Home & Garden Party where we got mine.

Those pictures are on Christmas; his accident wasn't until Monday. His face is all scuffed up on the left side still, but he is getting better. Thank you. :)

Chris H said...

It's rather nice seeing Christmas photos so late! Your daughter made me laugh taking the time to look gorgeous in the morning.... I never do!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I left you a blog award!!! Stop by the blog and pick it up!

eally said...

That was hilarious about your daughter!! She looked beautiful...was worth the effort of staying up late obviously! lOL