Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Prince is 12!

It's been a crazy couple days. Friday night began The Prince's birthday festivities. He had his buddy, Tyler, spend the night. We ended up seeing "Nim's Island," with Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin...and Gerard Butler. *sigh* Very cute flick, and completely clean. The boys thought it was a chick flick.

The next day, The Prince, Tyler and Jarren went to LazerStar. They played four games of Lazer tag, and played a slew of video games. They won an abundance of tickets, and were able to buy each of them a toy gun and a gob of plastic army figures.

This was a jump-rope game. The light went around, and you had to jump "over" it. It was hard!

Time to cash in those tickets.

We usually have two birthday parties per kid now: One for the friends, and one for the family. The grandparents just wouldn't think it was cool to spend an afternoon at a very loud place like LazerStar. We tried the Chuck E. Cheese thing with grandparents one time - it wasn't pretty. So, tonight, The Prince's actual birthday (Tax Day Baby), we had the grandparents, my brother and a cousin over to celebrate.

The Princess & The Prince with Grandpa Shutterbug. Yes, that's what we call him.

An interesting development: The kids want cold, hard CASH for the their birthdays and Christmas now. The Prince wants to buy himself a new game system, so he raked in the bucks! Makes opening gifts kinda anti-climactic, I must say.

So, I wanted to get pictures of The Prince with everyone. It came time to sit with Daddy. "Um, hey guys, can you just take a normal picture? Guys? Hello!!!!!?????"

Never mind. Then, I had to participate in some bad picture posing, as well.

Here's a public service announcement for those of you with little kids: ENJOY THEM. THEY GROW UP TOO QUICKLY. Pretty soon they will be your height. Their voices will deepen (at least the boys' will). They won't be able to climb up on your lap for a hug and kiss when they hurt themselves (or someone else hurts them). It happens in a flash:

The Prince eating cake on his first birthday.

And on his second birthday.

And on his third birthday.

I wish I had a time machine. Really. Okay, I'm off for a good cry.

Blessings and love to you.


flutter said...

Oh honey. You are so full of love

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have no words! Although I do know how you feel! And the time machine is a good idea!
Tell him we all wish him a very Happy Birthday!
:) Lea

Gombojav Tribe said...